Bespoke Products




Our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facilities enable us to produce custom components to the most demanding specifications.The Group’s Precision Development Facility is a unique and world-renowned source of close-tolerance precision-manufactured waveguide components with waveguide features as small as 100 microns x 26 microns.​ Listed below are a range of some of the components we can offer.​​

For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries​​


  • Cryogenic tunnel junction receiver.
  • ​​​Anti-parallel air-bridged Schottky diode pair (bridge length is 20 µm).
  • Electrical Ground Support Equipment consisting of a rack of equipment and display screen.
  • Compact microFTS instrument
  • ​340 GHz IQ Mixer
  • Thermal blankets made of Multi-Layer Insulation with different optical properties.
  • RA Space WR-05 Photomixer
  • ​​​​Part of a quasi-optical network with two off-axis ellipsoidal mirrors
  • CAD model​​ of the ​MARSCHALS limb sounder