Multi-layer Insulation
21 Sep 2009



Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) is thermal insulation composed of multiple layers of thin sheets of reflective materials, separated by thin netting spacers.

Thermal blankets made of Multi-Layer Insulation with different optical properties.

​​​​​​Multi-Layer Insulation clean room at RAL Space​

Credit: STFC RAL Space

MLI is one of the main items of the spacecraft thermal design and is critical in protecting spacecraft from the temperature extremes of space. MLI is commonly used on satellites, space instruments and ground-based test facilities. ​

RAL Space operates a multi-layer insulation facility that supplies bespoke MLI solutions to customers from across the UK, Europe and within space sectors globally. We have excellent heritage experience of MLI delivery for space instruments, satellites, spacecraft and ground-based test facilities.

RAL Space MLI heritage experience includes previous involvement with space agencies from many countries, including the European Space Agency (ESA), NASA, and the French space agency CNES.

We have designed and manufactured MLI blankets for many pioneering missions including: the MIRI instrument aboard the James Webb Space Telescope, Rosetta, Peregrine-1 (part of NASA's Artemis programme), the Urthecast ISS cameras project, Solar Orbiter, and many more.

Multi-Layer Insulation on SLSTR and MIRI 

Credit: STFC RAL Space​​

RAL Space provides a full service from initial conceptual design through to manufacture, test and integration. More details on our MLI service can be found here

We would be happy to provide more information about our products and services. If you would like to contact us, one of our friendly MLI engineers will be able to discuss further your mission/project needs and what solution could be offered.

For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries