The Spectroscopy Group carries out R&D on novel concepts and instruments for high-precision laser-based hyperspectral sensing, aiming to pioneer the development of the next generation of sensing systems.

Our activity encompasses blue sky research, concept demonstration, technology maturation, application and prototype development, and instrument field deployment relevant to high precision in-situ sensing and remote sounding. We have complementary expertise in instrument modelling, observing system simulation and analysis, and development of instrument spectral processors.

Beyond atmosp​heric and space science, the group is very active in exploitation of its technology portfolio for wider terrestrial applications. R&D efforts are focused on environmental and industrial monitoring, geochemistry studies, security and defence, medical ​diagnosis, analytical instrumentation, and fundamental science.

We collaborate with industry and academia within the UK and internationally. This includes Thales Alenia Space who are studying laser spectroscopy reductions, our spin-off company Mirico, and UK universities such as Oxford, Reading and Leicester, and international universities including Princeton.​

Case studies​:

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In Situ Sensing


Remote Sensing