Intra-cavity laser sensors
28 Feb 2018



The Laser Spectroscopy Group have developed a new technology based on widely tunable cavity enhanced sensors, for gas and liquid phase analysis.

​​​Intra-cavity laser sensors

​​​Intra-cavity laser sensors

Credit: STFC RAL Space

When operated in external cavity (EC) configuration and combined with a suitable frequency-selective element, the broad gain profile of a Fabry-Perot QCL (typically >100 cm-1) offers the advantage of wide spectral coverage with a single device, allowing spectral features from different species to be sampled, or the entire broadband absorption typical of large molecules such as VOCs to be recorded. Our system in addition implements the joint benefit of intra-cavity absorption, demonstrating significant sensing sensitivity enhancement, owing to a proprietary way of deriving absorption information from the laser driving parameters.

This technology combines high sensitivity, high selectivity, and high versatility in a compact format and is currently explored for application in ocean science. This project is funded by NERC.​

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