Space weather
14 Jun 2010



Space weather arises when disturbances in the terrestrial and near-space environments, driven by solar activity, disrupt vital technological systems such as electric power, positioning and communications services, and spacecraft operations.


​​​ESA's Lagrange space weather mission.

ESA/A. Baker, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

RAL Space has multidisciplinary expertise in the science of space weather and a leading role in European space weather activities.  For example, we are playing leading roles in developing the next generation of space weather monitoring missions, and enabling innovative uses of ground-based radars and radio telescopes for space weather studies.  We are also a key UK contributor to the international exchange of space weather data, courtesy of our role in hosting the archives of the UK Solar System Data Centre, which include the world's longest time series of upper atmosphere data, secured from our high quality monitoring of the Earth's ionosphere from Oxfordshire and the Falkland Islands.

We work closely with the UK Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre and advise the UK government around the risks from space weather events. ​

Space Weather Projects at RAL Space:

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