Space Test Facilities
22 Dec 2014



RAL Space operate a series of thermal, vacuum and mechanical testing facilities along with clean room space to allow for the development, assembly and testing of space bound hardware.

RAL Space's R100 building
RAL Space R100 building

Credit: STFC RAL Space

The dedicated and highly experienced team work closely with RAL Space projects to deliver world leading scientific instrumentation, alongside working with worldwide space agencies such as ESA, scientific institutions such as Leicester University, and numerous commercial establishments such as Airbus Defence & Space.

Please note that the rates for using our space test facilities have changed as of 1st April 2022. Please contact our business development team for more information and to discuss your upcoming test campaign:


Environmental test facilities enquiry form

RAL Space is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and offers the following facilities:

​Clean Rooms

RAL Space clean roomRAL Space manage and maintain numerous clean rooms ranging from ISO class 5 to ISO class 7, with working areas between 20m2 and 80m2.

The clean rooms are ISO 14644 compliant, with most meeting ECSS requirements. They offer Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) work surfaces along with a testing service to ensure work areas are compliant when working on ESD sensitive hardware.

Clean room at RAL Space

Thermal Vacuum Testing​

5m wide chamber lined with black shrouds to simulate space.RAL Space have numerous operational thermal vacuum facilities available for Thermal vacuum and thermal balance, along with vacuum bake. Sizes range from 0.6m diameter and 1m long, to 5m diameter and 6m long. Our thermal vacuum chambers typically offer temperatures between -180°C to +100°C and achievable pressures between 1E-5 mbar and 1E-7 mbar all using dry pumping systems. Residual Gas Analysers (RGA) and Thermoelectric Quartz Crystal Microbalance (TQCM) () are available to use on most chambers.​

5m x 6m space test chamber at RAL Space

Vibration Test Facility​

Vibration tableRAL Space currently have one vibration machine (LDS V8-440) house in a controlled area on a seismic block, along with an adjacent control room to allow for customers to actively monitor their testing.

The facility has a maximum payload weight testing capacity of 700KG, with peak sine force of 57.8KN.​

​Vibration test facility at RAL Space​

Climatic Chambers​

​​Climatic chamber at RAL SpaceClimatic chambers are available for use, with working areas between 400x400x400mm and 760x760x760mm. The chambers have an operational temperature range between -70°C to +180°C and humidity controlled between 10% to 98%, or nitrogen purged.

​Climatic chamber at RAL Space​

To enquire about use of our test facilities please complete this form, or for more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries.