Professor Brian Ellison is elected as Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering
16 Oct 2019



​Professor Brian Ellison, Head of the Millimetre-Wave Technology and Chilbolton Radio Group at STFC RAL Space, is amongst 54 engineers from the UK and around the world to have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2019.


​​​​Professor Brian Ellison, Head of the Millimetre-Wave Technology and Chilbolton Radio Group at STFC RAL Space.

Credit: STFC RAL Space
Brian is an internationally-recognised leader in (sub)millimetre-wave and terahertz frequency instrumentation (primarily heterodyne receivers) used for astronomy and atmospheric remote sensing experiments, and with wider applications in imaging and spectroscopy. He has developed world-leading detection systems at RAL Space and also whilst at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA, and led the UK technical contribution to the construction of the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) – the world’s largest and most complex radio astronomy observatory.

Brian is leading his technical engineering group in developing state-of-the-art payloads for a next generation of weather monitoring satellites, and creating new technologies that support climate studies, astronomy and telecommunication research. Most recently, his team deployed a new submillimetre-wave receiver at the Large Millimetre Telescope, Mexico, as part of a project to share UK expertise in millimetre wave technology with engineers in Mexico.

A limited number of Fellows are elected by peer review from nominations made by existing fellows to recognise and promote outstanding and continuing contributions to the profession. 


Professor Chris Mutlow, Director of RAL Space says: “I am thrilled that this much deserved honour has been awarded to Brian in recognition of his leadership and the quality and importance of novel developments he (and the team he leads) have delivered for our community over many years. This is great for Brian and clear acknowledgement of the important work we carry out within our programmes here at RAL Space”

Alongside his work pioneering millimetre-wave technology, Brian is also a Visiting Professor to the Open University (OU) where he engages with leading researchers and interacts with postgraduate students. He has also fostered extensive collaborations with other UK universities, supporting undergraduate student placements within his group, and national and international research organisations.

Brian says: “I am really delighted to have received this accolade. I feel that it not only demonstrates my personal commitment to advancing engineering, but also gives recognition to the terrific technical and scientific research and development work that is undertaken within STFC and RAL Space.” 

Brian will be welcomed to the Royal Academy of Engineers at a ceremony on the 7th November. Read more about his nomination.​