Top RAL Space scientist awarded an Honorary Doctorate
30 Oct 2017



RAL Space’s Professor Brian Ellison, world leading expert in millimetre and sub millimetre wave (terahertz) technologies, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Open University (OU).

Brian Ellison at the ceremony to recieve his Honoroary Doctorate with Dr Helen Fraser (left) and Baroness Lane-Fox (right).

​​​Brian Ellison at the ceremony to recieve his Honoroary Doctorate with Dr Helen Fraser (left) and Baroness Lane-Fox (right).​

Credit: Open University

Brian is Head of the Millimetre Wave Technology and the Chilbolton Radio Propagation Group, within the Earth Observation and Atmospheric Science Division. For many years, he has worked closely with Professor Glenn White of the OU and RAL Space, and who nominated him for the award. Glenn cited Brian's enormous contributions to sub-mm technologies in astronomy and Earth Observation, as well as his endeavours in establishing strong links between RAL Space and the OU.

Dr Chris Mutlow, Director of RAL Space said “We are deeply proud of Brian's achievements both here at RAL Space and his work with our partners in the community. I am delighted for him that he has been recognised in this way. He has been instrumental in establishing and nurturing the strong relationship between Rutherford Appleton Laboratories and the OU which has hugely benefitted the staff and research excellence of both institutes."

As a Visiting Professor to the OU, Brian has directly contributed to the educational journey of students and many continue to benefit with joint appointments and shared PhD studentships with RAL Space. On collecting the honour, Brian cited his strong scientific links with the OU and he praised other graduates on their own achievements in graduating "with him".

Brian was honoured to be presented with his degree at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Friday 27th October by the OU Chancellor, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, and in the presence of the Lord Mayor of Birmingham.

Brian said “It is truly a wonderful honour for me to receive this recognition and award. I am delighted to be able to strengthen the bond with the OU and to help, where I can, to support the STEM educational message, both personally and on behalf of the STFC."

Dr Helen Fraser, Senior Lecturer at the OU's School of Physical Sciences introduced Brian at the ceremony with these words, “A kind and generous character with an outstanding wealth of knowledge, Brian is exceptionally respected by his peers. He shares his expertise selflessly, and mentors those of us still developing our careers, with a genuinely collaborative approach to scientific research, continually exemplifying the scientific role model."

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