Online Schools Workshop: Thermal Engineering
16 Jun 2020



16th & 30th June 2020 at 14:00. Join these online workshops with RAL Space to learn how spacecraft survive the challenging environment and extreme temperatures in space.

James Webb Space Telescope

​​​​The James Webb Space Telescope which students will learn about in the online thermal engineering workshops.

Credit: Northrop Grumman

Space telescopes and satellites need to work well in the challenging environment of space. They have to survive extreme temperatures when they are close to or far away from the Sun so that instruments onboard the spacecraft can send back data and images to Earth. Thermal engineers at RAL Space design, make and test protective layers for spacecraft, using knowledge of how heat can be transferred.

Join us to hear directly from an engineer and an MLI technician to learn what thermal engineering is, why it’s important for space missions, and what they do in their day-to-day jobs. Students can ask the engineers questions and complete our challenge to make their own spacecraft insulation at home!

This event is suitable for Key Stage 3 students (ages 11-14) and each webinar will last for around 50 minutes. To attend, students or teachers need to regis​ter online and you will be sent joining instructions via email.

This event will be in two parts:
- Tuesday 16th June at 14:00. We will introduce students to thermal engineering, how it works in practice for the Mid-Infrared Instrument​ (MIRI) onboard the James Webb ​Space Tel​escope (JWST), and an experiment they can do at home or at school.
- Tuesday 30th June at 14:00. There will be a discussion of the experiment, and a short talk about life as a technician at RAL Space.