Earth Observation
20 Apr 2010



RAL Space scientists contribute to and underpin UK and international programmes in environmental science through the provision of research expertise, services and facilities in support of the UK science community.

Image of Earth showing sea surface temperature in colour scale.

​​​​​​​​Image of Earth taken from ATSR

​Currently this includes:
  • Expertise in obtaining information on the surface and atmosphere using remote sensing methods; 
  • Expertise in modelling environmental phenomena; 
  • Expertise in and provision of facilities for generating archiving and distributing environmental data; 
  • Expertise in and facilities for characterising spectral properties of environmental components; 
  • Expertise in and facilities for atmospheric research using radars; 
  • Expertise in the technology and practice of remote sensing at mm and sub-mm wavelengths; 
  • Carrying out a programme of research in aspects of environmental science; 
  • Developing e-science applications in environmental research. 

Earth Observation Programmes inclu​de:

 For further Information, please visit the STFC webpage on Earth ​O​bservation.​

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