15th Appleton Space Conference
28 Nov 2019



Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, 5th December 2019




​This annual conference took place on Thursday 5th December 2019.

Leading figures from within the Space sector gathered at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory to meet and discuss the latest developments on a range of current and future Space activities. 

This major Space conference celebrated the latest UK advancements in space science and Earth observation.  

Download the 15th Appleton Space Conference progra​mme: ​ASC2019_Programme.pdf

​Speakers and their presentations:​​

Keynote speech by Professor Alan Winfield, Bristol Robotics Laboratory

'The Ethical Roboticist: From Robot Ethics to Ethical Robots'

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Professor Chris Mutlow, Director, STFC RAL Space
Leading the New Space Age
Dr Graham Turnock, Chief Executive, UK Space Agency
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Update from the European Space Agency
Dr Dave Parker, Director of Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, ESA​
Transforming our View of the Sun: A New Era of Ground and Space-based Observations
​Professor Sarah Matthews, University College London

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A New Space Approach to Greenhouse Gas Monitoring
Adina Gillespie, Director of Business Development, Europe
GHGSat Inc​
The Square Kilometre Array: Studying the Universe from the Cosmic Dawn to the Dawn of Life   
Prof Phil Diamond, Director General, Square Kilometre Array

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Innovation and Investment Trends in New Space
James Bruegger, Managing Partner, Seraphim Capital​
One Million Interactions
Alison Stephens, ESERO-UK Project Officer, STEM Learning Centre and Network

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​​Highlight: Women in Aerospace Europe
Liz Seward, Women in Aerospace Europe, Board Secretary & UK Local Group Leader​​
Europe to the Moon – A Case for Private Space Exploration Out of Europe
Robert Boehme, Founder, Planetary Transportation Systems GmbH

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The Ice Age of the JWST Era: Mapping the Frozen Voids of the Galaxy
Dr Helen Fraser, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Open University
Comet Interceptor: A New ESA Mission to an Ancient World
Prof Geraint Jones, Professor of Planetary Science,
University College London

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Small Wave Big Impact: Sensing Millimetre-Waves from Space
Dr Manju Henry, Millimetre Wave Technology Group Senior Scientist, STFC RAL Space​
AWS Ground Station as a Service – The Democratisation of Space
Phil Cooper, Account Lead Amazon Ground Station EMEA, Amazon Web Services​

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QKD Qubesat
Mamatha Maheshwarappa, Senior Space Systems Engineer, STFC RAL Space
Next Generation Microwave Imaging of the Polar Regions: The Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer (CIMR)
Dr Craig Donlon, Principal Scientist for Oceans and Ice, ESA, ESTEC

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Developing Lightweight Deployable Structures for the New Space Age
Shefali Sharma, Senior Commercial Strategist, Oxford Space Systems
​​15th Appleton Space Conference Celebration Cake

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Professor Chris Mutlow, Director, STFC RAL Space signs up as a Gold Corporate Member of Women in Aerospace Europe with Luisella Giulicchi​, President of Women in Aerospace Europe                ​