13th Appleton Space Conference
07 Dec 2017



This year’s Appleton Space Conference took place at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory on Thursday 7th December 2017.


​​​​​​​​​​R100 space test facility


The c​onference is a key event in the space community, showcasing advances in space science, Earth observation, technology challenges and developments on the Harwell campus.

​The event is by invitation only.​

​Please click he​​re for a ​print​able vers​ion of the programme. ​​


08.45 – 09.25​     Registration and Refreshments – R22 Lecture Theatre Foyer


Session 1: Chair - Dr Chris Mutlow, Director, STFC RAL Space

09.30 – 09.40     Welco​me
​                           Dr Chris Mutlow

09.40 – 10.00     Putting Space at the Heart of the Industrial Strategy
                           Dr Graham Turnock, Chief Executive, UK Space Agency

10.00 – 10.20     Satellite Observations for Sustainability and Climate Resilience                                                             
                           Prof Stephen Briggs, Senior Adviser, ESA and Chair, Global Climate Observing System

10.20 – 10.40     Harwell Space Cluster: Building on the Success Story
                           Dr Joanna Hart, Development Manager, Harwell Space Cluster

10.40 – 11.00     Innovation at the Harwell Space Cluster
                           Paul Febvre, Chief Technology Officer, Satellite Applications Catapult

11.05 – 11.25     Refreshments Break – R22 Lecture Theatre Foyer

11.30 – 11.50     Commercialising Space Technology Through Start-ups at the ESA BIC Harwell                           
                          Dr Sue O'Hare, Operations Manager, ESA Business Incubation Centre

11.50 – 12.10     Future Large Space Telescopes: Answering th​e Ques​tion, “Are we alone?"
                           Prof Martin Barstow, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Strategic Science Projects and Director, Institute of Space and Earth                                          Observation, University of Leicester

12.10 – 12.30     Stimulating Applications of Earth Observation
                           Jon Blower, Chief Technology Officer, Institute for Environmental Analytics

12.30 – 12.50     More than Inspiration: How YOU can Support Skills Development for the Sector
                           Dr Kierann Shah, General Manager, National Space Academy

12.50 – 13.50     ​Buffet Lunch – R22 Lecture Theatre Foyer


Session 2: Chair – Dr Gillian Wright, Director, STFC UK Astronomy Technology Centre

13.55 – 14.15     ESO's Extremely Large Telescope and the UK ELT Programme
                           Sandi Wilson, UK ​​ELT Programme Manager, STFC UK Astronomy Technology Centre 

14.15 – 14.35     ARIEL: ESA Cosmic Vision M4 Candidate Mission
                           Prof Giovanna Tinetti, Physics and Astronomy, University College London -
                           Paul Eccleston, Chief Engineer, STFC RAL  Space                                               

14.35 – 14.55     Emerging Needs and Opportunities for Ocean Remote Sensing
                           Dr Christine Gommenginger, Marine Physics and Ocean Climate, National Oceanography Centre

14.55 – 15.15     A National Requirement for Space Surveillance and Tracking
                           Ralph Dinsley, Director, Northern Space and Security Ltd and Associate, Reflecting Space 

15.20 – 15.40     Refreshments Break – R22 Lecture Theatre Foyer


Session 3: Chair - Dr Jolyon Reburn, Earth Observation and Atmospheric Science Division Head, STFC RAL Space

15.45 – 16.05     Bringi​ng Space Down to Earth as a Service Utility
                           Dr Malcolm Macdonald, Reader, University of Strathclyde 

16.05 – 16.25     Looking for Life on Mars with the ExoMars 2020 Rover
                           Prof Andrew Coates, Deputy Director, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London

16.25 – 16.45     Bridging the THz-Gap - The Story of the LOCUS Mission  
                           Dr Daniel Gerber, Research Scientist, STFC RAL Space

16.45 – 17.05     Satellite Video Constellations – Mastering the Fourth Dimension of Earth Observation
                            Richard Blain, Chief Executive, Earth-i 

17.10 – 17.20     Short Break – R22 Lecture Theatre Foyer


Session 4:  13th Appleton Keynote Lecture; Chair – Dr Chris Mutlow, Director, STFC RAL Space

17.25 – 18.15     A 10-Year Vision for Cli​mate Science and the Role of Earth Observation
                           Dame Julia Slingo, Chief Scientist, Met Office (retired)

18.20 – 18.30     Presentation and Conclusion
                           Dr Chris Mutlow 

18.30 – 19.15     Reception for all participants – R22 Lecture Theatre Foyer​

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