12th Appleton Space Conference
11 Oct 2016



ESA Astronaut Tim Peake was this years' keynote speaker


​​​​​​​ESA Astronaut Tim Peake at the 12th Appleton Space Conference

The 12th Appleton Space Conference was held on Thursday 1st December 2016 at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell, Oxfordshire. The annual conference gave leading figures from within the Space sector, the opportunity to meet and discuss the latest developments on a range of current and future Space activities.

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Speakers and their presentations: 

​​Keynote speech by European Space Agency Astronaut
Tim Peake - Principia: A Journey of a Lifetime
​Dr Chris Mutlow, Director, STFC RAL Space - Welc​ome
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Ross James, Deputy CEO, UK Space Agency - 
UK - the Place for Space?

Alan Brunstrom, Liaison Officer, European Space Agency - The Perspectives from ESA ECSAT: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities
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Alexander Whitley, Alexander Whitley Dance Company (and Hugh Mortimer, STFC RAL Space)  - 8 Minutes: The Dance of Solar Physics
Tim Just, Head of Space, Innovate UK - Innovate UK - Simplification
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Stuart Martin, CEO, Satellite Applications Catapult - 
To 2030 and Beyond: The Challenges and Opportunities

Professor Mick Johnson, Director, Centre for EO Instrumentation - New Technologies for future EO Instrumentation
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Dr Craig Donlon, Principal Scientist for Ocean and Ice, European Space Agency - Copernicus Sentinel-3 Past, Present and FutureDr Tim Bestwick, Director of Business Innovation, STFC - 
The Harwell Campus and the Space Cluster
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Professor Don Pollacco, Warwick University - Exoplanets and
the Search for Extraterrestial Life

Dr Ian McCrea, STFC RAL Space - EISCAT-3D
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Professor Sheila Rowan MBE, University of Glasgow - Gravitational Waves: A New Astronomy
Dr Samantha Lavender, Pixalytics Ltd / British Association of Remote Sensing Companies - Harnessing Increasing Volumes of Earth Observation Data to Add Value for Science, Business and Society
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Professor Tim Wright, University of Leeds - Monitoring our Hazardous Earth from Space
Professor Martin Wooster, Kings College London - Quantifying Biomass Burning Emissions to the Atmosphere
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Paul Jerram, e2V - Image Sensors for Space
Mark Thomas, Reaction Engines - SABRE - Hypersonic and Space Access Platforms​
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Networking Reception
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