UK-China Workshops
06 Sep 2017



The U.K. China Space workshop is the premier space event that is held annually with China.




12th UK-CHINA SPACE Conference

This workshop is co-convened with our Chinese partners at Beihang University. Beihang University will be inviting representatives from across the Chinese Space Sector which will includes members of academia, industry and policy leaders. Last year we focused on opportunities to develop international partnerships and collaborations. This year we will be doing the same however we will also address the things that stop these partnerships from being successful. The aim of the 12th workshop is to focus on Earth Observation, space science, technology development, micro-gravity experiments and Skills Education and training. We will also be introducing “Astronomy” as a topic this year too. We will be running a combination of plenary and parallel sessions over the three days which will include time to discuss future opportunities.

Previous Workshops

Since the director general of China National Space Administration (CNSA), Sun Laiyan and the UK Science and Technology Minister, Mr. Sainsbury signed the China-UK Space Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement framework in Beijing, January 2005, the “China-UK Workshop on Space Science and Technology” has been held nine times at Beijing, Oxford, Shanghai, Changsha and Oxford, Wuhan, Milton to further strengthen the China-UK communications and cooperation in space science and technology. Two countries have had in-depth and extensive discussions in the cooperation of space field, and signed a number of cooperation agreements and intentions.​

  • 1st Beijing, China
  • 2nd London, UK
  • 3rd Shanghai, China  
  • 4th Changsha, China
  • 5th Oxford, UK
  • 6th Wuhan, China
  • 7th Oxford, UK
  • 8th Beijing, China
  • 9th Shanghai, China

​After more than two years communications and discussions between China and UK by both government officials and the academic experts in universities and aerospace industry, China and UK signed the “Agreement of Establishing the Sino-UK Joint Space Science and Technology Laboratory” on November 8, 2007 at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the laboratory was officially established and announced by Sun Laiyan and the British envoy in China Ms. Barbara Woodward. This event is not only an important achievement of the communication and cooperation in space science and technology between China and UK, but also an important event in the international cooperation in space filed of China.​

Establishing Ceremony of the Sino-UK Joint Space Science and Technology Laboratory
The "Sino-UK Joint Space Science and Technology Laboratory" will serve as a cooperation platform for the space experts and technicians in both countries to provide technical support for decision-making; as a communication platform for scientists in both countries to suggest the research and technical cooperation projects and organize the relevant personnel to perform the research work; assist the space administrations of two countries to hold the academic conferences and organize the special research group; establish the cooperative relations for both institutions and train the personnel. The workshop organized by the joint laboratory has been held nine times. And the training course of Space Science &Technology has been organized successfully in UK twice. Thus the joint laboratory has further strengthened its role as the platform of cooperation on Space Science and Technology for both sides

This workshop is the development and extension of the former nine China-UK workshops on space science and technology. The topic of discussion will be focused on remote sensing&climate change, planetary exploration&space weather, quantum sensing&space science experiment, technology exploitation&commercial opportunities as well as technology&student/staff exchanges. Based on the joint laboratory, this workshop will combine the space program and the cooperative projects of both countries to exchange the latest achievements of space science and technology, explore the new international cooperative model and discuss the contents of international cooperation.

For more information please contact, RAL Space Enquiries​​

For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries