Third annual JASMIN User Conference
28 Jun 2018



Scientists using the UK’s largest environmental super computer and data store gathered this week (27 June) to share their experiences of big data environmental science.

JASMIN supercomputer

​​​JASMIN the environmental super computer and data store

Credit: STFC

The third annual conference provided an opportunity for some of the 1700 existing users of the super data computer, JASMIN, to share their work and learn about the ways in which JASMIN can continue to support their work.

Dr Victoria Bennett, Head of the Centre for Environmental Data Analysis at RAL Space said, "Fantastic to see the turnout at our third JASMIN conference, it's been a great opportunity to update our users on latest developments, but also provide a forum for users to network and share ideas, and to find out what we can do to help them get the best out of JASMIN to do their science"

The huge range of research enabled by JASMIN was reflected in the breadth of presentations at the conference. Talks ranged from high resolution climate modelling to the exploitation of JASMIN architecture for multi mission land surface temperature analysis.

New or potential users had the opportunity to learn about what's possible on JASMIN and how it could enhance or enable their research as well as taking part in practical workshops on getting the most out of the platform.

A large group of JASMIN users stand altogether in a courtyard.

Existing users learned more about the latest innovations and collaborations including an update on the ongoing upgrade of JASMIN. This is seeing the available storage double to more than 44 Petabytes, equivalent to over 10 billion photos. It will also add around 40% to the processing capability, with 11,500 cores on 600 nodes, similar to adding the power of several thousand high-end laptops. This means that JASMIN users can process and analyse big datasets simultaneously and in very little time.

Jonathan Churchill, JASMIN Systems Architect and Manager for STFC's Scientific Computing Department said: "We are really excited to welcome researchers in our JASMIN user community to the conference to find out about the fantastic work they have been using JASMIN for and to discuss how we can improve the platform to aid their future research"

Conference attendees watch a lecture.

JASMIN is a Natural Environment Research Council Facility (NERC) hosted by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). The event was hosted by STFC RAL Space's Centre for Environmental Data Analysis  (CEDA), who jointly manage JASMIN with STFC's Scientific Computing Department.​


Image 1: JASMIN conference attendees outside. Credit: STFC RAL Space

Image 2: JASMIN conference presentations​. Credit: STFC RAL Space

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