Teamwork Excellence Recognised by ESA
04 Jul 2014



When a mission that was meant to last for two years manages to stay viable for 13, its fair to assume that there is a great team behind it.  The Cluster team have been acknowledged for doing just that.


​​​​​​​Chr​is Perry RAL Space, being presented with the ESA 2013 Award for Teamwork Excellence

Credit: ESA

At an ESA Awards Dinner in Darmstadt, Germany on 24 June, the teams responsible for keeping Cluster flying, and achieving ground-breaking scientific results, came from ESOC, ESTEC, ESAC, the UK and industry to receive their awards. Attending for the Joint Science Centre Operations Team (JSOC) and Cluster Science Data System (CSDS)/UK Cluster Data Centre (UKCDC) at RAL Space, were Trevor Dimbylow and Chris Perry, respectively, who accepted the ESA 2013 Team Award for Teamwork Excellence on behalf of all their colleagues.

The Cluster team has been recognised many times during the 13 year mission, as they have corrected and solved the many difficulties that face any mission attempting to extend its life. This is, however, the first time they have been acknowledged by an ESA Team Award.

"Once a mission is in orbit, only the science discoveries are highlighted, this ESA award recognises the fantastic work that the operation teams have been doing over many years," said Philippe Escoubet, the Cluster Mission Manager.

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