Systems Engineering
12 Jul 2010



As well as producing individual electronics or optical component for larger projects, Imaging Systems also have a long heritage in the design of the entire imaging system - from initial conception and design, through to manufacture and testing.

Flight model of a camera on the ISS produced by our Systems Engineering Group

​​​RAL Cam-3


RAL Cam-3, TopSat and FMOS are all examples of projects where the entire system has been produced in-house for external customers.


​​DIVA (Designed for Image Viewing and Analysis) is a cross-platform graphical application developed and written in house by Dr J Rainnie. Its primary purpose is to support Closed Couple Device (CCD) camera development and unit-level testing. This includes device characterisation; whereby devices are tested to compare their performance to expected results. Parameters include linearity, dynamic range and signal noise.

DIVA sotwareDIVA is an image display and processing tool that supports multiple file types (FITS, JPEG, BMP) and files containing multiple and multi-dimensional (data-cube) images.

It provides the facility to:
  • extract regions of interest from images
  • display profiles of pixels by row/column
  • calculate image statistics
  • calculate histograms and display surface plots
  • perform image arithmetic
  • perform Fourier analysis of pixel rows
  • calculate the electronic gain of a system – using Photon Transfer Curves (PTC) analysis
  • convert multiple images into movies.​

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