07 Jul 2010



Swarm is the fourth in a line of Earth Explorer research missions. It is a set of three identical satellites that measure magnetic signals from the magnetosphere, ionosphere and the Earth.

Artist's impression of the three satellites that make up Swarm orbiting Earth.

​​​The Swarm Satellite

Credit: NASA​

​RAL Space Involvement


Main Objectives
"To offer a unique view inside Earth to study: core dynamics, geodynamo processes and core–mantle interaction; magnetism of the lithosphere and its geological context; 3D electrical conductivity of the mantle related to composition; magnetic signature related to ocean circulation. In addition, Swarm data will be used to study the Sun’s influence on Earth system by: analysing electric currents in magnetosphere and ionosphere; understanding the impact of solar wind on dynamics of the upper atmosphere.​" - ESA

Launch Date
22 November 2013​

ESA, Airbus Defence & Space

Further Project Information
E​SA (link opens in a new window)

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