Virtual planetarium shows and ask-an-astronomer
17 Dec 2020




Stargazing on a clear night at RAL.


Credit: STFC RAL Space

​Join us for a virtual tour of the night sky. We will guide you through the night sky, exploring stars and planets along the way. We'll be joined by our experts and friends from Newbury Astronomy Society so you can 'ask an astronomer' questions on anything from meteor showers to how to set up a telescope in your back garden! Weather permitting, we may even be able to stream some live views through our telescopes of the night sky. The shows will be suitable for ages 7+.

​To attend​ a show and the ask-an-astronomer sessions​​, please register for the event​ and select 'Virtual planetarium shows' from the ticket options.

Start time​
Ask-an-astronomer Q&A​
​Planetarium show
​Ask-an-astronomer Q&A​
​Ask-an-astronomer Q&A​
​Planetarium show
​Ask-an-astronomer Q&A​

Please note the schedule may be subject to change.

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