Small-scale test facilities




RAL Space operate a range of test facilities and clean room space for the development, assembly and testing of space bound hardware from small components to small satellites and large instruments.​

We offer capabilities for thermal ​vacuum, and mechanical testing to meet the comprehensive and exacting needs of our customers and collaborators. RAL Space provide test and development capa​bility for the needs of the next generation of spacecraft and instruments to contribute to the growing community of space businesses.​

Technitian securing a payload to a vibration table

Access to expertise

A dedicated and highly experienced environmental test team operate the small and larger scale space test​ facilities within RAL Space. They work closely with wider RAL Space projects and external part​ners in industry and academia to deliver world leading instrumentation for scientific and commercial use.

Access to facilities

Our facility offers:

  • Facilities certified to ISO 9001: 2015
  • Vibration testing suite certified to EN 9100 ​
  • Open access 

Our facilities can be hired out individually so that you can access the size and type​ of testing to meet your requirements. 

​How to access our facilities

As the UK's national space laboratory, we occupy a unique and independent position between industry, academia, and government. The smaller scale test facilities have been engineered for use by RAL Space and have been tried and tested on a huge range of space projects. They are also available for external organisations to use. 

To enquire about use of our test facilities please:

Please note that the rates for using our space test facilities have changed as of 1st April 2022. Please contact our business development team for more information and to discuss your upcoming test campaign.​


Image 1 - Vibration table in RAL Space. Credit: STFC RAL Space​

Find out more about the small-scale facilities available for hire.



  • ​Vibration test equipment at the National Satellite Test Facility
  • Door to the ​7m vacuum chamber in the National Satellite Test Facility