11 Dec 2014



RAL Space calibrated the Sea and Land Surface Tempe​rature Radiometer (SLSTR) on Sentinel-3.

Artist's impression of Sentinel-3


Credit: ESA
RAL Space Involvement ​ 

Flight Blackbody Sources, Post launch calibration and data analysis.​

Earth Observation

​Main Objectives
To measure sea-surface topography, sea and land surface temperature and ocean and land-surface colour with high-end accuracy and reliability in support of ocean foreca​sting systems.​​

​Launch Date
​​16 February 2016 - Sentinel-3A
​25 April 2018 - Sentinel-3B​​​

SLSTR undergoing calibration testing in RAL SpacePartners

ESA, EUMETSAT, Copernicus, Thales Alenia Space - France, Leornardo, Jena Optronik, ACRI-ST.

Further Project Information
Sentinel-3 (link opens in a new window)


For more information please email: RAL Space Enquiries


SLSTR undergoing calibration testing in RAL Space. 

​Credit: STFC RAL Space