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31 Mar 2020



Free STFC resources for you to download, links to websites with resources and ideas for space and STEM related learning.

The Hands On Universe educational resource for 7 to 11 year olds



STFC School Resources

The Science and Technology Facilities Council has produced a series of resources including scientific teaching resources, teacher notes, posters and activity booklets suitable for use in schools or at home. All the publications are available to download and hard copies can be ordered for free. Topics include:​

- Telescopes

- Cosmic Rays
- Gravitational Waves
- The Sun
- The Big Bang
- Stargazing
- The Universe
- The Moon
- Meteorites

Primary school pupils taking part in activities at RAL using resources about the Sun.​
Credit: STFC RAL Space.​

The Stargazing with RAL 2021 resource collection also includes activities, games, videos and websites to explore the STFC's world-leading science and technology.


RAL Space partners offer a wide variety of teaching resources and activities for primary and secondary schools that map to the UK curriculum. These consist of lesson plans, activity guides and background information about space missions and scientific research from project scientists. There are even challenges, games and competitions for students to get involved in. Some of these partners also provide opportunities for CPD in teaching.


(Scienc​e, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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