Quantum Technologies in Space

​​​​​​​A cloud of cold rubidium atoms to be used in a gravimeter​

​​​​​​​A cloud of cold rubidium atoms to be used in a gravimeter​


RAL Space develops ancillary equipment for the deployment of quantum technologies in space.​

Quantum mechanical effects have been used in technology for half a century now, allowing for the development of semiconductor based transistors and lasers. ​But during the last decades the advancement of ultra-stable lasers and the development of powerful computers has allowed for the so called second Quantum Revolution, where the control of atoms and light at the level of single particles permits harnessing the sensitivity and computational power of quantum superposition and entanglement. This allows for the development of a complete new generation of sensing, timing and communication devices offering unprecedented sensitivity, accuracy, stability and security. For many applications, the deployment into space of such devices would allow for a global coverage of the technology. Currently, most of the devices are based on commercial-off-the-shelf subsystems that do not qualify for space. RAL Space uses their long space heritage and experience in space engineering to provide customers with the required subsystems that would allow the successful deployment of quantum technologies into space.​

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