Optics facilities
13 Jul 2010



Over the last 30 years the Optical Systems Group have designed instruments that cover the range of wavelengths from extreme UV through to very long wave THz systems.

Camera wavefront testing in our optics facilities

​​​​Wavefront testing of a large camera.


This optical system design experience is backed up by extensive knowledge of the industry standard software design tools of CodeV and Zemax.

Stray light analysis is a vitally important area of optical system design that is often overlooked. These problem areas in optical systems which have been analysed include: ghost reflections, particulate scatter, surface roughness, baffle design, thermal self emission and long wave diffraction effects. Although we use ASAP & APART extensively we also have developed our own in-house software tools which includes an accurate beam envelope generator ​which is available as a bolt-on for CodeV, Zemax and CAD packages.

CAD drawing of beam envelopes

We have a wide range of facilities and tools available for all aspects of optical instrument assembly and testing:

  • Interferometers - WYKO6000 and a 4D-Phasecam
  • Autocollimators and alignment telescopes
  • Optikos MTF testing (300m diameter beam)​
  • Access to SSTD's clean rooms and environmental testing facilities

 For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries

FMOS: Beam envelopes exported to CAD