Nigel Morris - Head of Space Engineering and Technology
17 Jun 2022



Nigel is responsible for the Space Engineering and Technology Division, an expert team of engineers, technicians and project managers which support a wide range of hardware projects in RAL Space.

Nigel Morris

Nigel Morris

Credit: STFC RAL Space

​Nigel obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1984 and then spent a few years in the aerospace industry before joining RAL Space in 1987. He started working as a structural engineer on a variety of space instruments before moving into a project management role. 

During his time as a project manager, he worked on many exciting space instruments including the Mid InfraRed Instrument, one of the four instruments scheduled to fly on NASA's Webb Telescope, and the SPICE instrument onboard he European Space Agency's solar Orbiter mission. 

In June 2017, Nigel joined the National Satellite Test Facility (NSTF) programme as the Test Facility Equipment project manager responsible for the specification and procurement of large-scale environmental test equipment capable of testing satellite up to 7 tonnes. ​