New generation security body scanner unveiled by ThruVision Systems
19 Jul 2010



ThruVision Systems Ltd has officially launched the TS4, its new generation of compact security body scanner, at the Farnborough International Air Show in Hampshire.

A visualisation of a passenger scan at the airport.

​​​​​Thruvision's unique passive security imaging technology

Credit: Thruvision Systems Ltd

A spin out from STFC, ThruVision Systems' unique passive security imaging technology can detect explosives, liquids, narcotics, weapons, plastics and ceramics hidden under clothing and can image both metallic and non-metallic threat objects concealed on still or moving subjects, without revealing body details and also without radiating the person with energy. ThruVision System's technology functions by collecting a natural thermal energy that is emitted by all people.

Combining all the groundbreaking features of ThruVision Systems' existing scanners with a significantly increased frame rate, improved image definition, a larger field of view and greater usability, the TS4 provides a more compact, yet more effective and powerful alternative to full body scanners.

The TS4 has been designed for use in both checkpoint and stand-off people screening applications and, being compact, can be deployed discreetly if required. Having already been trialled in a major European airport, the TS4 offers a viable solution for contraband detection by Customs agencies, amongst other applications. The TS4 has generated significant interest from a host of government agencies and the corporate security community.

David Haskett, ThruVision Systems' Product and Marketing Manager said: “We've worked closely with our existing customers during the evolution of the TS4 and feedback has been particularly positive, the product trials have been successful and initial market feedback has been very encouraging. We have focused on delivering a complete TS4 solution for our customers and offer a range of customised accessories which enable the systems to be integrated into existing infrastructures.”

Clive Beattie, CEO at ThruVision Systems added: “The launch of the TS4 is an important milestone in our history because it has been developed to meet specific customer requirements and the needs of the public.”

ThruVision Systems' passive imaging technology stems from a collaborative European Space Agency project, based on research carried out over many years by UK astronomers, including those at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, to study dying stars.

About ThruVision Systems

ThruVision Systems Ltd (link opens in a new window) is a manufacturer of security screening products that incorporate proprietary passive terahertz imaging technology to detect person borne concealed objects.

ThruVision Systems Ltd is based near Oxford, UK. Its security screening products are deployed in various locations in Europe, North America and the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. Installations have included airports, border checkpoints, entrances to public buildings, shopping malls, sporting events and police deployments.

Technology background

All ThruVision Systems' products are passive. Images of concealed objects on people are formed by receiving low energy waves known as terahertz waves. Terahertz waves occupy part of the electromagnetic spectrum between radio waves and infra-red (heat). Terahertz waves are naturally produced all of the time by all objects and people. ThruVision Systems' products only receive, they do not transmit. ThruVision Systems' products do not illuminate people with any radiation such as X-rays or millimetre wave microwaves. The products provide imaging solutions for real time use on people either close by or at distance, indoors and out.

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