National Satellite Test Facility Art Competition Winners




Congratulations to the winners of our art competition

                                                   ​ Enscape_2018-08-09-16-24-55.png                                                 

Architect's drawing of the new NSTF building

The winners for our art competition have now been announced. We had an overwhelming response and some fantastic drawings - thank you to everyone who participated and to our two judges, Matt Fletcher, Head of Environmental Test at RAL Space, and Phil Coy, our artist in residence, for choosing the winners.

Congratulations go to Annabelle, Edward, Luke and Nova. 

We had a joint first in the category of 'Where Would You Build a Satellite' for Nova and Luke ​whose designs our judges loved so much but were so different that they found it too hard to choose from​!   

​                                       ​​"Where Would You Build a Satellite?"

Luke (2).jpg Nova (2).jpg

Luke text.jpgNova text.jpg

​​                                                    "Who Builds Satellites?"                                                                                       "What Does a Satellite Look Like?"

Annabelle (2).jpg Edward Pearce Smith.jpg

Annabelle text 3.jpgEdward text.jpg





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