15 Jul 2022



MicroCarb will map the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide on Earth’s surface.

Artists impression of MicroCarb scanning the atmosphere.

​​Artists impression of MicroCarb scanning the atmosphere.​

Credit: CNES/Illustration Oliver Sattler 2015

​It is a collaboration between the UK and France and it will guarantee carbon dioxide global monitoring continuity.

RAL Space Involvement

Design, development and test of the pointing and calibration system (PCS). Design and manufacture of satellite multilayer insulation. Provided a clean room to TAS UK for the assembly integration and test phase for the final satellite build.

Mission Objectives

To characterise the Earth's carbon dioxide natural fluxes and identify both natural and human-made emissions. It will gauge how much carbon is being absorbed by oceans and forests, the main sinks on the planet, and emitted by natural processes and human activities.

Launch date

End 2022/2023


TAS UK, Airbus France, CNES, UK Space Agency, NPL

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