James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
29 Sep 2010



The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope is the largest astronomical telescope in the world designed specifically to operate in the submillimeter wavelength region of the spectrum. It is now operated and owned by the East Asian Observatory.

The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT) located on the slopes of Maunakea, Hawaii.

The James Clerk Maxwell Telescope

Credit: William Montgomerie

RAL Space Involvement

The forerunner of STFC, SRC, collaborated with the Netherlands to design, organise and build this telescope. Together in the Joint Astronomy Centre consortium with Canada and the Netherlands, the UK operated JCMT for many years before it was sold to the East Asian Observatory.



Main Objectives​

To study the solar system, interstellar dust, gas and distant galaxies.


Netherlands Organisation for the Advancement of Science, Canada.

Further Information


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