03 May 2018



The Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (Insight) NASA robotic lander will look beneath the surface of Mars to answer questions about the early formation of rocky planets.

Illustration showing InSight spacecraft with its instruments deployed on the Martian surface.

​​​​​​InSight on the surface of Mars artist impression


RAL Space Involvement

Part of the UK team developing the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structures - Short Period Sensors (SEIS-SP) instrument which will measure Mars’s seismic activity. RAL Space provided electronics support, product assurance including planetary protection, instrument science/requirements, participates in the international science team, and will take part in the operations and data processing of the nominal mission following a successful launch.

Planetary science

Main Objectives
To study the crust, mantle and core of Mars to answer questions about the formation and evolution of rocky planets. The mission will also study the rate of Martian tectonic activity and meteorite impacts. 

Launch Date
5th May 2018

UK Lead Organisations: Imperial College London, University of Oxford; all funding provided by UKSA
International Partners: NASA/JPL, ESA, CNES, ETH, IPGP, ISAE, MPS
UK Science Team Collaborators: University of Birkbeck, University of Bristol

Further Project Information 
Insight - NASA 

Insight – UK Space Agency