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31 Mar 2020



The public and schools can get involved in outreach and engagement activities ​based around our world-class science and research. View our upcoming events and ongoing activities.

At our public events you can try on an astronuat suit!



​Online events​​

  • RAL Space Early Careers Conference: Space Skills​, on demand, all ages
  • Join our webinar to hear scientists and engineers share stories about their different careers paths, what projects they work on, and what they do day-to-day.

  • Webb Telescope Mission Briefing​, on demand, all ages
    Broadcast live from RAL Space, Greg Foot and Maddie Moate explore what the Webb Telescope is, how it will get to space and what it will discover. Follow along with the experiments that can be done at home and see our engineers explain our involvement in Web​b, showing the labs where we test spacecraft ready for launch and a lifetime in space.
    RAL Space ambassadors presenting at online events.
  • How to tackle climate change from space​, on demand, ages 9-11
    In this webinar recorded for World Space Week, hear careers talks from a scientist and an engineer who work on projects to help study the Earth's climate from space. Designed for upper KS2 students, classes can join in an activity to explore the Earth from space.​​

  • Fascinate STEM festival​, on demand, ages 5+
    Join in a series hands-on workshops hosted by Girlguiding Midlands. Learn about different jobs in STEM from our scientists and engineers and earn a badge by making paper rockets and a model of the W​ebb Telescope​.

  • Coding summer school​, on demand​, ages 9+
    Watch the videos filmed at RAL Space and hosted by Park House Computing Hub to learn how to code with micro:bit. Hear from some of our engineers to find out what skills they use in their jobs.​

  • How to get a job in the space industry​​​​​
    Watch the recording of our webinar for British Science Week, designed for KS3 students and teachers. Hear careers talks and top tips for getting into the space industry from a scientist, an engineer and technician.

  • Follow the RAL Space YouTube channel​ to receive updates when we post new videos and recordings of online events.

Activities for the public​

The public using telescopes at our stargazing event

Click on the link above to view the full list and register to attend events such as:

-​ public open days,
- stargazing for families and the public,
- stargazing for Brownies and Cubs working towards astronomy/stargazing badges,
- the free monthly 'Talking Science​' lectures on a series of fascinating topics,
- ...and much more!

Anyone can take part in our online citizen science project being developed on Zooniverse. Contribute to real climate change research by looking at beautiful images of Eath and spotting the clouds! The project is open to the whole family; people of all ages and backgrounds can take part​and learn about RAL Space's technology used to capture stunning images from satellites, as well as the importance of this research for monitoring our planet.

​Girlguiding and Scout groups can get involved with a free challenge by completing a series of fun and engaging hands-on activities to introduce young people to the skills used in different science and engineering careers. The ch​​​​​​allenge is suitable for all age groups and was designed by a team of graduates, inspired by their own job roles at RAL Space and experience as Girlguiding or Scout leaders.

Activities for schoolsBeavers dressing up in clean room suits

To be added to the schools mailing list to hear about any upcoming events, please email the RAL Public Engagement team using the link above​. Examples of recurring ​and previous school events include​:

- National Particle Physics Masterclass for sixth form students with talks by particle physicists from RAL and CERN.

- Ada Lovelace Challenge day for Year 8 and 9 students​ to learn programming and complete an exciting computing challenge.

- Education access days for Key Stages 2, 3 and 5 to meet scientists and engineers and take part in tailored workshops.​

Many RAL Space staff, scientists and engineers participate in external outreach activities in schools through the STEM Ambassador programme, coordinated by STEM Learning Ltd. To connect with ambassadors or find ambassadors to lead or support your own school activity, visit the STEM Learning website. ​


Top: RAL Space STEM Ambassadors presenting at online events. Credit: STFC RAL Space.

Middle: Members of the public using our telescopes at a stargazing event at RAL. Credit: STFC RAL Space.

Bottom: Beavers dressing up in clean room suits at RAL Space to celebrate World Space Week 2017. Credit: STFC RAL Space.