21 Sep 2009



The Gemini Observatory operates two 8 metre aperture telescopes, one on Mauna Kea, Hawaii and the other on Cerro Pachon Chile.

Dome of the Northern Gemini telescope high above the clouds. A beam of light is going up into a deep blue starry sky.

​​Gemini North LGS

Credit: Gemini Observatory/AURA
RAL Space Involvement

RAL Space had a leading role in the software development, initially in partnership with the Royal Greenwich Observatory and, after the closure of the RGO, Observatory Sciences Limited, a spin-off company created by ex RGO staff. RAL Space continued to support the observatory into the operational phase of the project, providing additional software for both the telescopes and several of the instruments.


Main Objectives
To observe the sky in the optical and IR regions.​​ To advance our knowledge of the Universe by providing the international Gemini Community with forefront access to the entire sky.

Start date

The National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States, the National Research Council of Canada, CONICYT of Chile, MCTI of Brazil, and MCTIP of Argentina

Further Project Information
UK Gemini website (link opens in a new window).


For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries