FMOS - at the Subaru telescope
18 May 2020



FMOS was a collaboration between the Japanese National Astronomical Observatory (NAOJ), the Anglo Australian Observatory (AAO), and a consortium of UK groups.


​Subaru Telescope on Mauna Kea​.

It was built for the Japanese 8.3m Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawai’i, commissioned in 2008 and operational until 2016. FMOS provided the first measurements of large-scale structure in the Universe at high redshift.

RAL Space Involvement
Optical and thermal design of a large, fibre fed infrared spectrograph capable of rejecting the forest of bright night-sky emission lines. Integration and test of the cryogenic camera and detector system. 


Infrared Astronomy

Main Objectives
To design and construct a Prime Focus fibre fed IR spectrograph system  

NOAJ, Kyoto University, University of Oxford, University of Durham, the Anglo Australian Observatory.

Further Information

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