Electroplating and electroforming facility
21 Sep 2009



The plating facility provides high quality surface finishing solutions for various ground based and space based RAL Space projects and instruments.

Laboratory equipment in the ​​​​​electroplating and electroforming facility​.

​​​​​Electroplating and electroforming facility​.

Credit: STFC RAL Space

​​A dedicated plating facility has recently been established within the MMT group with a focus on supporting various MMT and other STFC projects. We provide electroplating for high frequency receiver components with high tolerances and support other surface finishing requirements at RAL.

We are providing electrolytic gold and nickel and electroless gold and nickel plating as well as copper electro-forming. The thicknesses of the various coatings are tightly controlled and verified by XRF (X-ray ​fluorescence) measurements within our labs.

We are working together with other research groups and universities and our services have been successfully used for gold cone inserts for nuclear fusion research using lasers, miniature micro-machined collimators for space research, detectors for Particle Physics at CERN and specialised components for space qualified cryogenic coolers.

In our plating facility we are currently developing gold plating processes for the internal section of waveguide assemblies and plastic components printed on our high resolution 3D printers.

For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries​​