Advanced Materials Testing Laboratory
13 Mar 2018



Test and validate space technology

The ESA-RAL Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory

​​​​​​ESA-RAL Advanced Materials Testing Laboratory

Credit: ESA/RAL

​Understanding your chal​lenges

Space is one of the most extreme and harsh environments imaginable. Materials developed to compete in the upstream space market need to prove that they will withstand this environment for long periods of time with little or no intervention.

For businesses looking to validate materials for use in space missions, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) in partnership with the European Space Agency, offers expertise and test services in our Advanced Materials Testing Laboratory (AMTL) at Harwell Campus. The laboratory is part of a larger European Network.​​​​​​​​


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Providing a​ solut​ion

Using cutting edge equipment, our scientists can investigate a wide range of material properties and characteristics in order to provide recommendations on how they can best be applied or improved for use in a fully-fledged space mission.

The laboratory tests samples of materials used for space projects and supports a wide range of specialist topics including additive manufacturing, joining technologies and assessment of new materials. The laboratory also offers services in:

  • Powder characterisation
  • Metrology
  • Microstructural characterisation and heat treatment
  • Mechanical testing and failure analysis
  • Non-destructive inspections


​Work with us

From simulating moon dust to tough testing​ for 3D printed metal parts, the AMTL​ team has been utilising expertise and equipment across STFC, to understand the materials and processes required to withstand the conditions in space. The team can apply this insight and work with businesses to test and validate space technology.

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