Cambridge IPS Array (Lord's Bridge)
08 Jan 2018



A 81.5 MHz radio array at Lord’s Bridge, near Cambridge. The array was repaired and upgraded in 1989 in a collaboration between Cambridge, RAL and the Space Environment Laboratory (NOAA, Boulder, USA) for routine use in monitoring IPS signals.

Rows of IPS antennas

​​The IPS array at Lord's Bridge in Cambridge

RAL Space Involvement ​ 
The electronics repair was led from RAL and the IPS data made available to the wider community through RAL on a daily basis.

Earth Observation

​Main Objectives 
To discover pulsars. Routinely monitoring IPS signals for imaging the sky for solar-ejected coronal mass ejections.

​Start Date ​ 

Cambridge University (Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory), Space Environment Laboratory (Boulder, Colorado, USA)​

Further Project Information 

For more information please contact, RAL Space Enquiries​​