Calling AI experts! Join the hunt for exoplanets
30 Jun 2022



Artificial Intelligence (AI) experts have been challenged to help a new space mission to investigate Earth’s place in the universe.

Artists impression of an exoplanet.

​​​Artists impression of an potential Ariel exoplanet target.​​​

Credit: ESA/STFC RAL Space/UCL/UK Space Agency/ ATG Medialab

​The Ariel Data Challenge 2022, which launches on 30th June, is inviting AI and machine learning experts from industry and academia to help astronomers understand planets outside our solar system, known as exoplanets.

Dr Ingo Waldmann, Associate Professor in Astrophysics, UCL (University College London) and Ariel Data Challenge lead said:

“AI has revolutionised many fields of science and industry in the past years. The field of exoplanets has fully arrived in the era of big-data and cutting edge AI is needed to break some of our biggest bottlenecks holding us back." 

The European Space Agency's Ariel telescope will complete one of the largest ever surveys of these planets by observing the atmospheres of around one fifth of the known exoplanets. RAL Space are leading the international consortium​ for the mission.

Find out more about the Ariel mission and read the full press release​.

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