Call for CEDA Impact Stories: why this is essential and how you can help
23 Jan 2019



The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) is collecting impact stories from JASMIN users to help showcase their work and the vital role our services play to help environmental research happen.

​​​JASMIN computing cluster.

Credit: STFC/ Stephen Kill

What are impact stories and why are they essential?

Impact stories are short case studies about how CEDA services have enabled CEDA's user community to complete research projects. This may be because JASMIN helped process vast amounts of climate data, the CEDA archive provided invaluable satellite data to aid research, or maybe CEDA staff members provided expertise and guidance about data formatting.

We need to demonstrate how our services enable impactful science that benefits wider society. This is fast becoming an essential requirement from CEDA's funders - and without continued funding CEDA services would cease to exist.  

Following the funding received in 2018 to upgrade JASMIN, CEDA need to show outputs by collecting a selection of impact stories from JASMIN users.

You can see examples of previous JASMIN impact stories​.

How JASMIN users can help

Submit a few sentences about your impactful research that relied on JASMIN (and/or other CEDA services) via the form here before Friday 15th February. This can either be pre-written text from other impact case studies you have produced, or fill in the basic questions on the form.

We are currently just focussing on JASMIN impact stories, however if you have anything else of relevance then feel free to fill in the form too.

The CEDA team will review submissions and contact users with relevant stories that we would like to follow up by 28th February. CEDA will then work with the chosen users in March to help write and develop the impact story.

Where the stories will be shared

Predominantly they will be used by CEDA in the annual report and in a use case document provided to our funders. They will also be used on CEDA's websites on social media and by members of the CEDA team in oral presentations at conferences and meetings, both within the UK and globally.

In addition to this, CEDA's partner/host organisations (NERC, NCAS, NCEO, STFC) may wish to reuse relevant stories for their own purposes, similar to those mentioned above. CEDA is a division within RAL Space.

This will provide the individual researchers, research projects, and institutions to reach a wide audience of environmental scientists. All stories will be appropriately credited.

Find out more from the CEDA website.

Contact: Russell, Madeleine (STFC,RAL,RALSP)