CTIO Victor Blanco Telescope
08 Jan 2018



The Victor Blanco telescope is a 4 metre aperture telescope on Cerro Tololo, Chile built in 1974.

4-metre aperture telescope with a spherical dome.

​​​The Victor Blanco Telescope

Credit: NOAO

​In 2010 it was effectively rebuilt to support the Dark Energy Camera, a wide field optical camera dedicated to research into the large scale structure and dynamics of the universe.

RAL Space Involvement

RAL Space provide the pointing control software for the new control system for the refurbished telescope.

​Mission Objectives 
The wide field of the Blanco 4-m telescope uses the wide field camera, DECam, and the low-intermediate resolution spectrographs COSMOS and ARCoIRIS, to complement the high resolution capabilities of SOAR and GEMINI.

Start Date 


NOAO, Fermilab, Ohio State

Further Project Information


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