COVID-19: Current Impact on RAL Space Operations
24 Mar 2020






thedigitalartist-202249 via Pixabay License

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Following the latest UK Government advice of 23rd March, STFC has taken the decision to suspend the majority of its onsite activities.  While our laboratory sites, including RAL, remain open, only those staff engaged in current Covid-19 research, IT networking, site safety and security are permitted to be onsite.  Effective today, all RAL Space staff are therefore now working from home.

Many aspects of our programme, including most design and data centre activities, project planning, reporting and invoicing etc. are able to continue remotely with only modest impact.  We have a strong IT infrastructure and a robust remote working plan in place and we will continue to support all meetings remotely.  However all hardware development and test activities using RAL Space facilities are now suspended until further notice.  RAL Space staff are doing everything possible to minimise the impact of this suspension and to enable a rapid resumption of onsite activities once these restrictions are relaxed.

​​​At present we are not able to say for how long these measures will remain in place.  As soon as the situation changes, we will provide a further update here.

For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries