COVID-19: Current Impact on RAL Space Operations
01 Jun 2020






thedigitalartist-202249 via Pixabay License

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During the latter part of May, STFC sites including the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) have been conducting trials to test the measures and controls necessary in order to allow some staff to return to working on site.  As a result, a phased resumption of work at RAL will start from June 8th subject to departments having appropriate planning, assessment and control measures in place; we at RAL Space are working very hard to ensure that this is the case.  The phased return to site will, however, be a challenging process and will take some time. 

Starting with a limited number of staff and activities, we anticipate the numbers of RAL Space staff onsite will be able to increase gradually throughout June and beyond as we verify that our control measures are effective.  The majority of our staff who can work from home, supporting many aspects of our programmes, will continue to work remotely. 

We recognise and understand the impact that the suspension of onsite activities in RAL Space has had on some of our customers and project partners.  Please be assured that we are working towards a return to full working in a controlled and reasonable manner, with the safety of our staff foremost at every stage.​

​For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries