The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis & JASMIN
21 Sep 2017



The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) run data centres for the NERC science community, and in collaboration with STFC’s Scientific Computing Department, operates the JASMIN e-infrastructure.

The JASMIN super-computer and data centre.

​​​​​​​​​JASMIN computing cluster

Credit: STFC/Stephen Kill

CEDA is based within RAL Space, supported by funding from STFC and NERC. CEDA/JASMIN users include predominantly UK scientists working within climate and environmental science, and earth observation communities; ranging from undergraduates up to senior professors. CEDA also works closely with other divisions in RAL Space and SCD (Scientific Computing Department). The unique relationship offered by CEDA/JASMIN provides the ability to easily share, process and archive environmental data all in one place. Science questions that were previously inhibited by technology and storage capacities, can now be explored through the use of these collocated facilities. Data and analysis procedures within environmental science are continually getting bigger, in both complexity and storage - thus a national capability is vital if this important research is to continue. ​​​


CED​A serves the UK and European climate, earth-observation and environmental science communities through maintaining several data centres, large scale data analysis environments, and participation in a host of relevant research projects.

CEDA aims to support environmental scientists, improve environmental data archival practices, and develop and deploy new technologies to enhance access to data. ​


CEDA also provides services to aid large scale data analysis. JASMIN provides the UK, and European, environmental science communities with an efficient data analysis environment. Many datasets, particularly model data, are too big to be easily shipped around: JASMIN enables scientists to bring their processing to the data. Self-managing group workspaces provide new ways for scientists to collaborate; enabling models and algorithms to be evaluated and shared directly alongside CEDA’s curated data archive. 

JASMIN enables CEDA to carry out its mission of data curation and facilitation more efficiently. Fast, parallel, petabyte scale storage provides a home for in-demand archive data, and enhances CEDA’s abilities for the delivery of data centre services directly to the science community.​

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