24 Jun 2010



AstroGrid was the UK's Virtual Observatory development project from 2001-2010. It produced a working data grid for key selected astronomical databases, with associated data mining facilities.

AstroGrid logo has the words Astro and Grid in blue on top of a grid with white background and black gridlines.



The project formally ended in 2009, but the tools continue to be used.

RAL Space Involvement

Development of the AstroGrid infrastructure as part of the UK team.

Mission Objectives

To develop software tool​s that would allow an astronomer to perform data mining on databases covering a wide range of wavelengths (radio to X-ray), including solar and space plasma as well as traditional “dark sky" data. This enabled astronomers to undertake research projects that were previously impractical, the target being able to do things in minutes rather than months.

In order to enable easy access to a range of databases, AstroGrid was a partner in the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA), which developed international standards and protocols.

Project Start Date

May 2001​


The initial development was done in partnership with the universities of Edinburgh, Cambridge, Leicester, Manchester (Jodrell Bank), and University College London (MSSL). In later phases, staff from the universities of Bristol, Central Lancashire, Exeter, and Leeds joined the project.

Further Project Information


For more information please contact, RAL Space Enquiries​​​