21 Sep 2009



ACE (Advanced Composition Explorer) is a NASA Explorers mission orbiting the L1 Libration point - where it studies spaceborne energetic particles and provides near real-time space weather data.

Artist's impression of ACE

​​Ace Spacecraft - Credit: NASA


RAL Space Involvement 

Ground station facility monitors and transmits ACE data to NOAA Space Weather Prediction Centre, where it is used to improve forecasts and warnings of solar storms.

Mission Objectives 

To observe spaceborne energetic particles of solar, interplanetary, interstellar, and galactic origins in order to better understand the formation and evolution of the solar system. To provide solar wind information for space weather forecasting and warnings of geomagnetic storms.

Launch Date 

25th August 1997

Further Project Information 

ACE website


For more information please contact: RAL Space Enquiries