A space journey at the Cornerstone Arts Centre
10 May 2019



On 18 April 2019, RAL Space teamed up with colleagues across the Science and Technology Facilities Council and the Cornerstone Arts Centre in Didcot to host a free family science day that explored our Earth, Moon and Sun.


​​​​​Children got to try on the clean room lab suits staff at RAL Space wear everyday at work.

Image Credits: Oxford Mail

​Over 550 adults and children visited the event throughout the day. The day fired up young people’s imagination and interest in space science through providing hands-on activities where families were able to engage in space related activities and talk to the staff that work at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Children from across the Oxfordshire community were able to test their own homemade satellites, train as astronauts and build and launch their own rockets.

​​Younger children enjoyed the storytelling sessions about the lunar landing whilst people of all ages could try on the unique coverall suits our scientists and engineers wear in our specialist clean rooms, where satellite instrumentation is built and tested, or dress up as an astronaut from the European Space Agency.