8 Minutes: Combining Solar Physics with Contemporary Dance
05 Jul 2017



RAL Space has collaborated with the Alexander Whitley Dance Company on a contemporary dance piece that combines science with art.


​​​Solar Dynamic Observatory images combined with Contemporary Dance​​

Credit: Alexander Whitley Dance Company​

The piece is titled '8 minutes' which is the time it takes light to travel from the Sun to the Earth. Performances took place on June 27-28 to packed out audiences at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London. We're delighted that the show received positive reviews from newspapers such as The Guardian and Evening Standard.

RAL Space scientists Hugh Mortimer and Alessandra Giunta advised the Alexander Whitley Dance Company​ on how to incorporate solar physics into their piece. This involved providing data and images from the STEREO mission and Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Dr Hugh Mortimer said: “The dance collaboration with Alexander Whitley gives a perspective to space science that can be understood by a new audience and engage with people on a level that is difficult to do when working in a purely scientific context. It is the artist's unique perspective on the scientist's objective analysis that is the most powerful aspect of this project, and why we are very excited to be a part of this work."

Read more about the collaboration​ between RAL Space and the Alexander​ Whitley Dance Company.​ ​​​​

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