Read our 2023 Highlights Report
07 Dec 2023



Published on 7 December at the 19th Appleton Space Conference, the 2023 RAL Space Highlights Report celebrates our teams and their achievements over the last year.




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The 2023 ​​RAL Space Highlights Report

RAL Space in 2023

The 2023 RAL Space Highlights Report covers:

  • Tracking the first controlled satellite re-entry at Chilbolton Observatory
  • Involvement in paradigm-shifting cosmology research
  • Supporting research communities through the CEDA archive
  • Exploiting quantum physics in the search for dark matter and gravitational waves
  • RAL Space spin-out supporting mission to Jupiter's icy moons
  • Supporting and testing the next generation of climate satellites
  • Showcasing the National Satellite Test Facility
  • Achieving operational excellence through our quality assurance teams
  • Public engagement in our local community
  • Enhancing radio astronomy through millimetre-wave technology​