14th UK China Conference
06 Aug 2019



Bringing together space experts from academia and industry, the UK China Space Conference is the premier event for promoting capabilities, skills and technology partnerships in the UK and Chinese space sectors.


​​​​​UK China Conference


27​th​ September 2019 – RAL Space, Harwell Science Campus

Since it established in 2005, the UK-China Joint Laboratory, led by STFC RAL Space in the UK and Beihang University in China, has brought together over 2000 space scientists, technologists and industrialists from more than 90 organisations.

Following the successful 13th UK China Conference in Ningbo, China in December 2018, this Conference will continue collaboration and dialogue in non-sensitive scientific areas of mutual interest, as outlined in the MoU signed at the Ningbo in 2018. Find out more about the about the UK China Laboratory 2020 Roadmap Themes.

​The programme will aim to develop:

  • A detailed roadmap for the near future collaborations
  • Fruitful achievement obtained under the current Newton Fund
  • The strategy of applying next term funding is designed through debate
  • Smart utilisation of the 'Belt and Road Space Information Corridor' internationally, to further promote the development of space technologies
  • Continue to discuss trade and policy
  • Establishing a joint committee to carry out discussions as needed

Contact us if you're interested I finding out more about the Conference and the UK China Joint Laboratory: ralspaceenquiries@stfc.ac.uk


The joint laboratory aims to prioritise and facilitate the areas that are listed in the roadmap which has the expectation that we will have developed joint projects and/or joint activities in the areas highlighted. The Joint laboratory will do this by continuing to promote international collaborations, support mission concepts, help apply for and identify funding sources and to promote space science activities between the UK and China.

Each year the members of the Joint Laboratory will review the progress that has been made achieving the goals of the roadmap, and by highlighting where there are potential challenges, solutions and opportunities we shall endeavour to keep developing international partnerships.

In 2019 this roadmap will be reviewed and the objectives re-evaluated based on the outcomes of this roadmap and the priorities determined by national and international factors. The commencement of this re-evaluation should take place as part of the one day conference and a smaller meeting with key stakeholders in attendance.


The first part of the conference will take place at the UK Space Conference, Newport where Chinese delegates will network with the wider UK space sector. Draft Programmes for the UK Space Conference, Newport, 23rd-26th September 2019: (link to Conference programme)

The programme will conclude at the UK's space gateway, Harwell Campus where dedicated UK China discussions will continue.

14th UK China Conference Programme – Harwell

Friday 27th September


9am Arrival and Registration 
9:30 Chairman Welcome, Conference Objectives and Opening talk on the UK-China Laboratory and Roadmap 2020Robert Elliott
Beihang University Lead Opening talk 
Newton Programme: Description, Case studies and Announcement of funding and process Hugh Mortimer
Key Note: Air Quality in Agriculture Challenge, its impact at national and international developmentTBC, Brian Kerridge STFC
Video link Education & SkillsAnu Ojha


Break: Coffee and Networking

1130 - 1230

Parallel Groups 1-8: facilitated roundtable (8-10 each)

  • Scope of Air quality in Agriculture challenge driven research projects, duration, size
  • Ideas/challenges/user needs
  • Benefits and Impacts
  • Types of data, processes & infrastructure, education & skills
  • Identify Collaborators
  • Draft project idea

Representative groups



China delegate

UK delegate

Include Industry, gov, researcher


1330-1430Group Leads report findings back to Chair Group Lead facilitators
1445Listing of Potential projects and partnersChair
1500Talk on furthering cooperation, extending roadmap to 2030 and roadmap review activityTBC
1530MoU Signing & PresentationsAll

Closing Remarks


UK Space Agency International Policy or FCO




1630Event Close and TransportAll


​Full week programme: 

​DatesLogisticsHighlighted Events
Sunday 22nd September  
Monday 23rd SeptemberDelegates Arrive China-London Heathrow. STFC Coach transfer to Newport, Wales (Hampton Hilton Hotel)Potential local visit to early arrivers
Tuesday 24th SeptemberUK Space Conference Day 1 Invited talk by China delegate: UK China Laboratory

Invited talk on stage or STFC stand

Evening drink reception

Private Dinner

Wednesday 25th SeptemberUK Space Conference Day 2. Hosted tour to exhibitors and attendance of talks

Hosted tour of conference

UK-China Policy and Trade Meeting

UK-China 2030 Roadmap discussion

Conference Dinner & Awards


Thursday 26th SeptemberUK Space Conference Day 3.  Coach Transfer from Conference Centre to Harwell. Milton Hill hotel

Conference Activities in Morning

Transport to Harwell in afternoon

Friday 27th September

Main Event

14th UK-China Conference, Harwell Oxfordshire: (See outline Conference Programme Below).

transport Harwell-LHR,

Signing MoU & Presentation

Workshop & Invited Talks

Contact: Dimmock, Ellie (STFC,RAL,RALSP)