Space Test Facility
22 Dec 2014



RAL Space facilities have been created to meet the comprehensive and exacting needs of customers and collaborators.

R100 - A New Space Integration and Test Facility​


Assembly Integration and Verification Facility

The AIV Group and the service it provides, is managed and operated by a team of people who use their knowledge and experience, balanced with enthusiasm, to provide customers with a high quality testing service which is both flexible and responsive.

Our experience in the space industry has required us to work to the strict quality standards imposed by ESA and NASA. These high standards have nurtured an outlook which ensures our testing remains within timescales and is of consistent quality. The RAL Space Quality Management System was first certified to the ISO ​9001 standard in 1999, and we have maintained this certification continuously since then.​

We also provide help to:

  • Define and understand test specifications.
  • Assist with the design and manufacture of test fixtures.
  • Adapt our facilities to meet exacting test requirements.
  • Provide cost and schedule infor​mation.
  • Ensure a professional and reliable service.
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