Matt Fletcher - Head of Environmental Test
16 Jun 2022



Matt has been in post since 2018, when the Environmental Test Division was formed due to the increased facility operations in RAL Space, and the addition of the National Satellite Test Facility.


​​​​​​Matt Fletcher

Credit: STFC RAL Space

​​He is responsible for all operational aspects relating to the test facilities, current and future.

Prior to this role, he was the Design Division Head at the ISIS Neutron and Muon Source facility run by STFC. He was responsible for the engineering design of the facility, from replacements through to new additions to the facility. He joined STFC in December 2005 as part of the Target Station 2 project, and was promoted to division head in 2010, having previously been in the commercial sector, working as engineering manager at both Tetronics (plasma applications) and LDS (vibration test equipment). He has a degree in engineering from Loughborough University.​