Laser Spectroscopy
01 Aug 2016



​The Laser Spectroscopy team carries out research and development on tuneable laser spectroscopy methods, instruments, technologies, and applications.




​We primarily use quantum cascade lasers to address the challenge of real time sensitive detection of trace molecular concentrations. Both remote sounding and in-situ sensing are covered. Our current research and development effort covers the following applications:

  • Earth and planetary observation
  • Atmospheric and environmental sensing
  • Geochemistry studies
  • Security and defence
  • Medical non invasive sensing
  • Industrial sensing
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Fundamental science

We collaborate with academia and industries within the UK and internationally.

Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory 
Laser Spectroscopy Laboratories - RAL Space

Research and Development activities

Remote sounding:

In-situ sensing:


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